Why are cat memes funny?

A roarboar special report

Cat memes are funny because cat aren't quite domesticated, but are common in human life.

Cats are relatable. Cats are familiar. The cat is a fantastic platform for funny.

Many people find cat memes funny because they're relatable and true.

It's funny because it's a cat, and in nice, classy font, it says something unexpected - I threw up on the couch. The font really makes the joke.

It's funny because the picture of a cat sitting up has been printed on a pillow, alongside the cat sitting upright.

It's funny because it's a fat cat wearing a thong.

It's funny because it's absurd, it's a cat wearing a bikini

It's funny because it's absurd to see a cat riding a burrito through space, with rainbows flowing out the back

It's funny because there are two cats who are meowing or yawning in unison at the camera

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