Why are cooking memes funny?

A roarboar special report

Cooking memes are funny because it's something we do every day, so it's familiar and relatable.

Because so many have well formed expectations about cooking, some are susceptible to unusual situations and violations.

Cooking offers a relatively safe platform for socially acceptable violations.

It's funny because that's no way to cook fish.

It's funny because of a death violation. There are four eggs with different states of shock and anguish, looking at a plate. There are cooked, scrambled, eggs, on the plate. It's pretty grim.

It's funny because it's absurd. Typically, spaghetti is placed into boiling water to be cooked. This image portrays a situation by which the spaghetti was placed into a pot and then lit on fire. Which is not the way one would cook spaghetti.

It's funny because typically one cuts a pie into triangle slices from centre of a pie to the edge, and in this image, somebody cut a triangle wedge out of the middle of the pie without touching the crust on the edge. It is unusual and antisocial behaviour. The caption confirms this judgement as some people just want to watch the world burn. It's seriously screwed up.

It's funny because it starts out as a pro tip, that if you stir coconut oil into your kale it makes it easier to scrape into the trash, the joke being a commentary on the edibility of kale. Which is zero. I'm a pig and won't even eat kale. It's a garbage vegetable.

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