What is a meta meme?

A roarboar special report

A meta meme is a meme commentary on a common pattern found in memes.

Here are a few in all their glory.

It's funny because all these flavors and you chose to be salty, which is a way of saying that you're just hating, and the popsicle is unusual.

It's funny because it's a meta commentary on what's funny. It's a four panel. A woman is drinking from a popular meme. She's had enough, so she is putting it aside. Then she spots a meme of herself rejecting a meme, and is seen to be considering it. It's self referential and unusual.

It's funny because it's a metameme that points out that two formats are actually the same at the core. The meme of a car skidding on the highway when two choices are juxtaposed is identical to drake not wanting something, but wanting something else. There's an underlining cartoon reference of unmasking a culprit.

It's funny because this was the best of the American Chopper memes. The meme has been recut from the original five panel to a new six panel side-by-side format. The conflict between the two is in reference to the side-by-side meme, so it is self-referential within the meme.

It's funny because it's a meta reference to the meme format of making a decision between two competing ideas or things, and in this case, it's a meme format. The meme market has decided.

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