Why is absurdity funny?

A roarboar special report

Unusual things, divergent things, with clashing ideas, can be surprising.

The more surprising, or unusual, a situation is, the funnier it may be.

It depends, in part, on what you, personally, find unusual.

For example, check out the memes below.

It's funny because a human is giving the Ostrich an obscene gesture, and the ostrich doesn't know the significance of the gesture, so it sort of has a confused look upon its face, perhaps it's hurt. Maybe not.

It's funny because it's a bird using a dead fish as a boat

It's funny because it's toothpaste that is applied to the head of a fresh fish. Which is absurd because a fish has no hair.

It's funny because lizards generally don't drive, so that's absurd.

It's funny because it's a food absurdity. Here you have a banana, which is edible, and a whole raw onion with the skin on, which generally isn't, with a pencil, which isn't edible, placed on a plate, and drizzled with a caramel and chocolate sauce. This collection of things generally don't belong together.

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