Why are relatable work memes funny?

A roarboar special report

One relatable target is about work. We spend years of our lives at work. We know it well.

It's fertile soil for memes fueled by relatable insight. You roar because it's true. Tragic.

It's funny because it's a twopanel that asks where do you see yourself in five years, which is a common interview question, and the painting of a man is pointing down at a skull on a table, the implication that one sees themselves as fully headhunted.

It's funny because the author is not a happy person, and regards it as discrimination that they are not employed. It's funny because it's probably true.

It's funny because it's a cat and it refers to you, possibly, being at work, right now, looking at the roarboar, looking at memes, and then your boss may be coming by, and asks you to do you job. And then you're like a cat, right, like this cat, looking back at you, giving you the same face that you'd give your boss. The target of the joke isn't the cat, it's you. If you're at work.

It's funny because the violation turns out to be true. Boss says your attitude sucks. Me is an image of a woman with text over it reading I don't really give a fck. That attitude does suck, Carol!

It's funny because the meme portrays a person hugging somebody else's but, with helpful arrows like some employees and manager. It reflects the correct way to kiss butt, with a nice full caress and a hug.

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